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Re: Number of PPP channels

On Tue, 11 Sep 2001 10:44:02 +0700, "Andika Triwidada" <andika@piksi.itb.ac.id> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have setup a dialin server using 8-port Cyclades. Users can dial. But I never
> observe activity on port #8. Looks like dial to port #1-#7 ok, but failed 
> on #8.

Your port numbers are most likely #0 - #7 ... eight ports in all.  The /dev/tty??'s should tell you.

> Will someone suggest how should I do my troubleshooting?

I regularly use minicom to dial out with the modem.  If you can't dial out, you are not going to get in.

> FYI, dmesg only shows 'register device ppp0' thru '... ppp6', only 7 ppp 
> channels for serving 8 dialin ports. Is that message means anything?

When the kernel creates a ppp device, it keeps it re-using as necessary.  You can interpret the ppp0 - ppp6 to mean the kernel create 7 devices ..., a small leap (and not accurate) to say all 7 were in use at the same time.

I have had more pppX devices than the number of ports.  They were caused by sudden modem disconnects and early 2.4.x kernel code.   There was no real problem because of it.

Gerard MacNeil
System Administrator

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