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Re: current cpu usage

On Thu, 06 Sep 2001 13:30:43 CDT, Nathan E Norman writes:
>Yesterday I wrote a perl script that does this (I'm playing with
>cricket ... see
>  http://canaris.visionary.micromuse.com/cgi-bin/cricket/grapher.cgi?target=
>I'll make the script source available if someone wants it ...

By all means: Yes, please, do so ;-)

> I use a
>db file to store the readings from each run for use in the next run.
>My loadavg figures come from /proc/loadavg ... I wasn't interested in
>any heavy lifting :)
>Now for the mem stats ...

I did something ugly in bash some time ago (for the previous 
 incarnation of my webserver), look at http://gfrastsackl.org/scripts/

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