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Re: current cpu usage

On Thu, 06 Sep 2001 09:34:05 EDT, Peter Billson writes:
>> cat /proc/meminfo
>> cat /proc/loadavg
> The meminfo would help him but he posted that he didn't understand load
>average and, anyway, needs percent of CPU used. You can not calculate
>CPU usage from load average.

Not to mention the deep dark magic by which loadavg is generated. I 
 still don´t understand that completely ;-)

And yep, that should´ve read 
 cat /proc/stat
instead. (And no, I don´t know what the values in the first line 
 exactly mean, but as soon as I set up mrtg again, I´m gonna read up on 
 the kernel-sources)

>  You could use /proc to get CPU usage but it would be rather involved
>to do and why bother when the nice man who wrote top has already done it
>for you. :-)

´cause it´s *fun* ;-)

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