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Re: SOS Bind

On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Craig wrote:

> I have a debian box running Bind, acting as a primary DNS server. I
> have update the serial numbers on the zone files but nothing is
> propagating out. Its been about 72 hours now and still has the old
> IP of the server. Bind version 8.2.3

This is unclear.

Does the primary (that you made the change on) know the new info? If not,
then reload the named or the zone itself.

Does the primary work (respond with the new info), but the secondaries
still have the old info? Then make sure the primary knows to "notify" the

The zone file can list the other nameservers for the zone (NS records), or
you can list them by IP in the also-notify directive. (Also make sure that
notify is not set to "no".) This is how it knows who to tell; then the
slave (aka secondary) asks the primary if they need to do a zone

Again, as someone else noted, be sure to look at the logs on both primary
and secondary systems.

  Jeremy C. Reed
     BSD software, documentation, resources, news...

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