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Re: connecting to an ISP which runs windoze NT

There are proprietary Microsoft login schemes that they might be using.
I'ld call them up and ask.  If you can't connect then they are not PPP
compliant.  If it's asking for any domain information that would be a
tipoff.  You can always try sniffing the login sequence.  Try sniffing from
both Linux and Windows.  Also were you able to able to directly dial in with
a terminal program and receive an IP address?  Another possibility is that
they have your account screwed up.

At 05:09 PM 9/3/01 -0700, Paul Scott wrote:
>I'm trying to connect to my ISP which runs on NT.  I have tried several 
>configurations with pppconfig and verified a lot with minicom.
>I believe I have the correct combination of username and password since 
>other variations of username which include the ISP domain as suggested 
>by things I have read all give invalid username/password.
>The response I get with the logical choice of username and password give 
>me "Requested Service Denied."
>The default response to CONNECT is \d\c which I have tried as well as 
>CLIENT which was suggested by http://axion.physics.ubc.ca/ppp-linux.html
>I have tried both PAP and CHAP and static and dynamic DNS.

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