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Re: Reasons why sending with Exim can be slow?

At 04:58 1.8.2001, you wrote:
>On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 12:40:21AM +0300, Antti Tolamo wrote:
>> All networking otherwise works perfectly from LAN to email server. Exim.conf
>> is same as before, I even recopied from backups my old one to be sure.
>Almost sounds like exim is trying to verify hostnames and IPs.  Is this what
>you want to happen.  If so, came the machine properly reach a name server?
>       bob

Yes it can. And like I said, all other networking(like web browsing) works perfectly
and mail sending works flawessly from server. Curiously, I went to sleep and during
night the whole problem disappereaded!

I rebooted windows computer before I started to ask about problem, tried two diffren
OS's, looked all settings linux server and just got perpexled. Has this something to do with conjuction of stars ??? 

But this is not first time similar has happened. By year of experience of stable potato, it seems
that about once a year networking connections mysteriously start to crawl and then revert back to
normal after a while. This time problem wasn't big. Last time all traffic started to crawl big time.

I have suspicion it has something to do with potato networking. First thought would be to find problems
in Windows. But somehow I've had some minor problems with from potato elsewhere too. I atleast remember
having some curious problems with potato network interface that conneects to internet(I use masq). Potato really stable to use, but I've got impression that sometimes it has some curious, minor problems with networking that go away after a while(or then I just have lot of problematic hardware). Or is it normal with servers?



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