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Re: editing exim

At 18:33 31.7.2001, you wrote:
>Thank you all who answered my previous problem. The
>webmin that was installed was for TESTING and someone
>really nice helped me remove it. So now....I can
>install okay.
>Next situation:
>What exactly needs to be edited on exim? 
>What do I need to change?

That of course depends on your needs. Good place to start would be to look
who and what is allowed to relay through, where error messages are send and what kind of logs it makes. You can define  what is logged to logs and what is not. Default settings(if I recall correctly) don't give very much input. I atleast like to have quite detailed input. On the other hand, if there is lot
mail it may not be so good thing.

Far as I'm concerned, basic settings goes long way. But there is lot to configure if you really
want to dwell. Exim gives lot of options. 


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