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Apache CGI Distress

After a major site update amounting to renaming the public_html folder,
and tightening up security by removing global permissions, I am now
getting errors trying to execute Perl scripts through Apache. All the
HTML files are properly displayed with rights 640 and ownership assigned
to user.www-data. The scripts have rights 750 with the same ownership.
The browser shows a "permission denied" message for /cgi-bin/vcounter
and /guestbook/guestbook.pl but the error log shows nothing for
/cgi-bin/vcounter. The log shows "ExecCGI is off in this directory". I
have rechecked httpd.conf several times and I have "Options ExecCGI" in
the <Directory> groups for both the cgi-bin and guestbook paths. I have
even restarted Apache several times. What might I be missing?

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