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Postfix + Cyrus IMAPd + LDAP

Hey guys,

    I've emailed the postfix-users list with this, and really haven't gotten
    any replies, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help.  I see
    there's a lot of people good with this kinda stuff (Craig, Russ, and so
    on) :)

    I'm using the Cyrus-IMAPd 2.0.15-HIERSEP release.  Reason I mention this
    is because with this release, it is possible to use a '.' as a valid
    part of a user name.

    So, I log into cyradm as an admin from /etc/imapd.conf and "localhost>
    cm user/kmenard@wpi.edu" (Note, I have no affiliation with WPI other
    than attending the school.  The email admins there are big sendmail
    buffs.  Just doing this as an illustration) and the mailbox
    "kmenard@wpi.edu" is created (in reality, it's "kmenard@wpi^edu", in
    order to preserve on-disk structure).

    Now, I want to set up postfix to query my OpenLDAP 2.0.11 server, and
    get all the info it needs.  I'm using the misc.schema file that comes
    with openldap, which I believe is based off of
    Most of the postfix docs with ldap, including the LDAP_README, use the
    "maildrop" and "mailacceptinggeneralid" attributes.  I use the
    "mailLocalAddress" and "mailRoutingAddress" attributes.

    So, now my question is, how do I receive mail and then forward it to the
    mailbox by the same name?

    I was thinking have a mailLocalAddress: wpi.edu (to notify postfix of
    the virtual domain) and a mailLocalAddress: kmenard@wpi.edu (to notify
    it of the email address), and then a mailRoutingAddress:
    kmenard@wpi.edu@localhost.  Alas, I am running into some difficulties.

    Is this even possible?  Or do I need to change my nomenclature from
    cyrus mailboxes such as kmenard@wpi.edu to something like
    kmenard.wpi.edu.  I've been recommended to do the latter, but I prefer
    the former, and want to know if it's possible.

    As usual, thanks for the help in advance.

    PS -- Following recent discussion, would it be recommended to use a
    ReiserFS for an entire server?  In this case, following my thread on
    partition schemes, a / and a /home partition.  Thanks again.


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