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Re: help with site+database

<quote who="Peter Billson">

>   Slashdot uses mySQL as its database and I don't think that anyone
> could plausibly argue that /. isn't an intensive use of a database by a
> very busy, and very successful, Web site.

It's also a very botched job. The code that slashdot runs - the previous
generation of SlashCode - is at best, shocking. They still run MySQL because
the site was never designed with database abstraction in mind, and that's
all they had at the time.

They run it, because they're stuck with it, so it's not a good advertisement
for MySQL at all! :)

>   The answer to the "which is better" question seems to depend on what
> you are using the database for. My suggestion is to grab both databases,
> populate them with your data and manually run some of your "typical"
> queries on them. See which works better for *your* needs.

The only problem with this is that you simply cannot do things in MySQL that
you can with PostgreSQL - if you had to do anything remotely complicated it
would be a comparison between PostgreSQL and MySQL (with a lot of glue and
bodge code to fix up everything it doesn't do).

- Jeff

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