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answered my own analog question

To answer my own question see this from the www.niccx.com hidden link home
Hope the analog.cx site will move to .org or some such.

   Dot CX Limited is a community owned non-profit Christmas Island
   Company, the objects of which are to be:
     * trustee and policy setting body for the cx TLD
     * administrator of the Christmas Island Information Economy
       Development Trust
   [ NEWS ] Planet Three (NICCX.COM) is insolvent and as a result both
   registrar and registry services have been affected. Dot CX is
   continuing to send urgent requests to the IANA in the hope that they
   will act in the interest of both the Christmas Island and global
   internet community in this matter. We are also providing technical and
   financial assistance in order to get domains which utilised
   NICCX.COM's URL or eMAIL forwarding functioning again. The former PL3
   registrant information is being escrowed by Dot CX. We thank you for
   your patience, more information will be published here shortly.
   05.07.01 CX Query Dot CX to IANA 
   05.07.01 CX Update IANA Response 
   29.06.01 Urgent Request IANA.29.06.01.pdf 
   14.02.01 Notification - IANA IANA.14.02.01.pdf
   Dot CX Document Archives    [ Archive ] 

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