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Re: Email Server

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001, Aaron Hall wrote:

> * SMTP Authentication
>   Pros: Clean; nobody can use your SMTP that you don't want using it
>   Cons: Additional end-user configuration. Not all mail clients support it
>   (or they don't support it the same way your SMTP server does). More stuff
>   that can go wrong. Yet another password to deal with.

Does anyone have recommendations on how and what to use to set this up?

Any clues about what would work using ldap authenication rather than
shadow passwords would be helpful as well.

Verizon/Bell Atlantic just screwed 50,000 of their 950,000 ISP customers
because as of late last week they are only allowed to use 4 of verizons
domains.  A few of those screwed verizon customers are also users of our
freenet ccil.org.  I would like to setup smtp authenication on one of the
old 133 mhz machines so that these long time ccil users can continue to
use other ISP's and maintain ccil.org as their email address.


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