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Re: Apache bandwidth limitation

On Fri, 13 Jul 2001, ARAKI Yasuhiro wrote:

> Florian,
> I suggest you to check mod_throttle(http://www.snert.com/Software/mod_throttle/) or mod_bandwidth(http://www.cohprog.com).
> Both modules has not been debianized yet.

Huh ? They are in apache packages ! 

czajnik@earth:~$ dpkg -L apache-common | grep band
czajnik@earth:~$ dpkg -L apache-common | grep throt

I'm currently using mod_bandwidth, but... I'd like to find something that
actually measures the bandwidth usage.

With mod_bandwidth, if you set , say, 100kB/s limit, and there are 2
concurrent connections - 5kB/s (modem user) and the other that can operate
at 100kB/s, then the first will work at 5kB, and the second at 50kB/s,
becaues mod_bandwidth simply divides 100kB/s / 2 connections, and gives
each connection 50kB/s limit. 
I'd like rather to give the second one 98kB/s.

I've tried mod_throttle, but I can't get it work actually.


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