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Re: ASP/PHP vs HTML files

On Sat, 7 Jul 2001 13:39, Peter Billson wrote:
> > as-is. Does the extra processing of ASP and PHP pages have any
> > significant effect on the CPU usage of a web server?
>  HTML and ASP/PHP serve two completely different purposes.
> HTML is used for pages that present fixed content and do not need to
> change each time they are requested. - i.e. your set a page for your
> on-line resume
> ASP/PHP is used to construct pages "on the fly" where the content
> displayed is different depending on user input. - i.e. an on-line
> catalog.
>   Most systems are set up to serve both types of pages and many site
> use both types of pages where appropriate. So while ASP/PHP pages may
> consume more system resources, the benefits of using them in the
> appropriate situation usually outweigh the extra system load.

However there is one other issue.  Many companies want to use "corporate 
branding" on their web pages.  This means that some senior manager will 
decide that "every web page should have a blue background and a certain 
set of contact details at the end of the page".  Then you could update a 
database or something and have all the pages generate such branding data 
on the fly from the database.  Alternatively you could have a tool that 
goes through all html files and modifies them all.

The end result will be the same, but the amounts of work etc involved 
will differ.

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