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Multiple PPP Links to the Internet

Hi Debians...

I have the following problem. I have 2 connections to the internet.
The first (ppp0) is a pptp connection for ADSL connected to eth1
and the second (ppp1) is a ppp connection to a cablemodem connected
to a serial port

So I have:
eth0:	Local Lan 192.168.1.x/24
eth1:	Lan to ADSL Modem:
ppp0:	pptp over eth1 a.b.c.d/32  (Static IP)
ppp1:	ppp over serial e.f.g.h/32 (Dynamic)

Now I want to use the DSL connection as a default, since it's a lot
faster then the cable (yeah... it's a really crappy cable operator)
and then use the cable as a backup system for when the ADSL is down
(Since the ADSL is really new, and will be down occasionally).

How do I setup my routing etc so that I will use ppp0 by default and
use ppp1 when ppp0 isn't responding.

While I'm at it... does anyone know of a way to keep the SNMP device
number for the ppp0 and ppp1 devices at a default setting, they keep
changing after every redial of pppd (and then my mrtg barfs up)

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