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Re: rsync and syncronization of 2 webservers

On Thursday 03 May 2001 19:13, alexis bory wrote:
>    alex@serv2:~/test1$ rsync -av -e ssh /etc/testfile
> alex@serv3:"/etc/testfile"
>    building file list ... done
>    testfile
>    cannot create /etc/.testfile.7ibSP3 : Permission denied (I know why :)
>                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>    wrote 83 bytes  read 36 bytes  238.00 bytes/sec
>    total size is 0  speedup is 0.00
> Q : Does any body know the meaning of this ?

Rsync does not over-write files in place but instead it will create a new 
file with the new content and do the equivalent of
"mv tmp-file new-file".  This is good for consistancy (at any time opening 
the file will give either the old contents or the new contents).  However it 
has some problems:
1)  If the file is larger than available disk space then you can't rsync it 
(common problem when transferring .iso files).
2)  If you lack write permission to the directory you can't write to the file.

Investigate the "-T" option of rsync (it's in the man page).

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