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RE: forgot manufacturer name of serial ethernet devices

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> From: Robert L. Yelvington [mailto:rly@sciresearch.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2001 5:59 PM
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> Subject: forgot manufacturer name of serial ethernet devices
> a couple of months ago i read an article in some trade rag about a
> serial device that was networkable via ethernet?  forgot the 
> name of the
> product and the company, imagine that!  basically, it's a serial hub
> with an ethernet port.
> if anyone knows what i am talking about would you mind passing along a
> URL, a name, something?
> if anyone is using a device like this...whatcha think?
These things are generally called terminal servers.  With different
features they get different names like "device servers" or whatever.
Two companies that make these things are Digi International and Lantronix.
We use Emulex terminal servers but they are getting out of the business.
Most folks that provide these things have similar products.  They are
most differentiated by number of ports and protocols offered.

Most are relatively inexpensive (200->1800USD) depending on the features.
They work and fit a need.  For what I use them for, almost any one will
do.  Pick based on software features you need and then number of ports.
Programming to talk to them is like talking to another *nix computer.
They provide services and you connect on known sockets...


> kind regards,
> rob
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