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Re: get school connected to the inet

Craig Sanders wrote:
> [...]
> the correct solution to the problem is teaching the kids to be
> responsible, making sure they understand what the rules are for 
> their internet access, and monitoring them to make sure they're 
> not getting up to mischief.
> this might mean setting up squid to use proxy authentication, 
> and then study the logs every night....and question any students 
> who look like they might be mis-using the internet. [...]
> a better idea is to have a teacher monitor what's happening with the
> internet terminals while they're in use.

	Would using a filter help if it were configured to alert a supervisor
terminal on sites that would normally be blocked?  While I seriously
doubt this is an original idea, it seems to me that if a school were to
do as you advise above, including having a teacher monitor the internet
terminals in use, that this sort of "logged filtering" would be a more
useful tool than the double-edged sword of standard blocked filtering. 
Have the proxy log and alert, giving information about which terminal
and user triggered a possible violation and why. If the supervisor sees
that's it's Essex, disregard. 
	No personal experience with this, though, so I could just be talking
out of my ASCII.

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