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Lilo problem

I have problems booting my system from new HD.

I've got:
	- Seagate connected to first channel (as /dev/hda)
	- CD-ROM as /dev/hdc
	- new disk (DTLA 307030) connected to HPT370 as /dev/hde

I want to boot my system form /dev/hde, ( I want to be able to take
/dev/hda away sometimes, and still be able to boot my system, of course 
after rerunning lilo).

If new disk is the only one being seen by BIOS ( Seagate is disabled in
bios setup) it works fine - new disk is 0x80 in BIOS.
On the other hand when 2 disk are available, LILO stops after "LI".
Of course I rerun lilo on every change. I guess it tries to access not the
right drive.
What will be the bios drive number of my new disk, when both are turned on
? 0x81 ?


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