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Re: Virtual Hosts

>>>>> "Y2KNET" == Y2KNET  <net@y2knet.net> writes:

Y2KNET> No, I have not and here it looks the problem,
Y2KNET> but in Debian 2.2r2 there is a networking file
Y2KNET> in  /etc/init.d,  instead of network file where
Y2KNET> ifconfig was added. I am trying to find where can I look
Y2KNET> these ifconfig files.

Y2KNET> I do not know how to add additiona IP address for
Y2KNET> ifconfig in 2.2r2.

Y2KNET> Abu Umair

This can be done by altering the file /etc/network/interfaces

Hope this helps.
Hedi Berriche

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