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ADSL problem...

This time, I'll try putting a subject!! :-)


I have been supplied with a 3com homeconnect dual link adsl modem by my isp. Does anybody know of any Debian (or other Linux distros) to control this rotten equipment. I only received software for winblows and I really, really don't want to have to install that rotten OS on any of my machines as I'm afraid that it's festering leprosy may affect the rest of the network.

I know some of you may suggest getting the isp to replace it, but that's not an option as here in Spain the telcos are only one step ahead of the most underdeveloped third world nation and they don't grok anything other than (said in best zombie voice) windows - and not even w2k at that!! With an *average* turnaround time of 6 months to get an adsl line installed, I'm afraid technology might have moved on by the time they start to figure out that other OS's exist!

Anyway, all help would be greatly appreciated to keep the evil empire out of our office.

Many thanks,

P.S. I hate Timofonica, I haaaeeeeettttte Timofonica.

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