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Re: mail sorting tool

On Sunday 7 January 2001, at 15 h 48, the keyboard of Craig Sanders 
<cas@taz.net.au> wrote:

> > Does your ISP offer some kind of smtp-queuing? We do (mail is put into
> > a queue, there?s a script watching the dialin-logs, when it sees that
> > there?s a queue for that user, sendmail is started with on-the-fly
> > rewritten options for that queue, eg smarthost set to the dynamic IP).

The main problem with that approach is that it binds access with mail. You 
need to use the same provider for both. While, with UUCP over TCP, you can 
have an access provider which is close (i.e. cheap) and a mail provider 
anywhere on the Internet. This is specially important in third-world countries 
where providers are quite unreliable and you don't want to trust them for 
handling your mail.

> with gzip, or can be compressed and encrypted on-the-fly if you're using
> stunnel and openssl to wrap the uucp transfers 

I use SSH for that :-) 

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