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chroot -- success?


Looks as if I spoke too soon.  (Too many brandies.)
Having checked that "pwd" returned "/" for one test user in a test
directory, I set up the passwd files for six others, logged off,
re-booted -- and found myself back to square one.  !!?!!

And now I don't know exactly what it was I did to make it work.

(all files have retained the same settings -- so it must have been an
ephemeral system change caused by my constant reconfigurations; and it
had something to do with changing the configuration of pam.  Which now
appears to be totally ineffective.)

Back to the keyboard.
Martin Wheeler       -        StarTEXT - Glastonbury - BA6 9PH - England
[1] mwheeler@startext.co.uk                   http://www.startext.co.uk/

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