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innreport - where can i find documentation

Hi all,

I'm searching for someone who already dealt with the 'innreport' perl script.

I would like to use it to get clean news reports, but i cant find any 
documentation and i can't get it running : when i run it, it doesn't generate 
any file and nothing to stdout and it never ends (i tried to leave it running 
for two hours). It only uses 0.5% of the processor and when i terminate the 
script (ctrl-d) , it indicates : no data. Abort.

Has somebody an idea of the origin of this problem or can somebody say me 
where i could find detailed doc about innreport ?

Thank you


"A command line is the difference between a toy and a computer"
( Knights of the Command-Line : www.knights.rave.org)
Francis "Dexter" Gois - fg@tiscali.be
Tiscali Belgium system administrator

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