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Re: inn refuses messages that contain "Distribution:" in the header

-> Could somebody give me a hand with inn ?

why debian-isp ?

-> Here's the problem :
-> I always get news refused, I.E. in my log (var/log/news/news), i always
-> get the following :
-> <date> <time> - <name of the server which pushes the news to mine> -
-> <ident of the message> 437 Unwanted distribution "<dist>"
-> Where <dist> is a distribution name, like "fido7" or "Global" or "hun"
-> or "sfnet" ...

from man newsfeeds:

       If the ME entry has a  distribution  subfield,  then  only
       articles  that  match  the distribution list are accepted;
       all  other  articles  are  rejected.   A  commercial  news
       server,  for  example,  might  have  `/!local'' to reject
       local postings from other, misconfigured, sites.

you should probably fix your newsfeeds file...

-> Users are complaining about the low amount of news present on the server.
-> It seems that the accepted news dont have a "Distribution:" field in the
-> header.

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