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Re: Qmail

Christofer Algotsson wrote:
> Hello list!
> Qmail is, by default, sending double-bounces to postmaster@server if the email-address at @server is incorrect and the <mail from> address is invalid.
> Is there any way to disable double bounces for certain domains?
> Yours,
> Christofer
with .qmail-default !!!
I use the vchkpw and vpopmail for virtual POP3 mail server. Well
in this case to avoid collecting bouncing email I've changed the 
.qmail-default of the virtual domain from

| /usr/bin/vdelivermail '' /var/state/vchkpw/domains/<domain>/postmaster


| /usr/bin/vdelivermail

Another way is to make an empty ~alias/.qmail-default or create a 
.qmail-default with:

| exit 0

and so on.
I hope that this is usefull.
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