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Re: Netscape, IMAP and compact folder

Debian Ghost wrote:
> On occasion, when using IMAP, my netscape will fail to compact the folder
> if I've been moving some mail from one place or another. I will have to
> restart netscape and move the mail again and then 'compact folder' is this
> a bug with netscape (4.73) or a bug with IMAP on the server? I am
> responsible for IMAP and this local machine, so either way it is my
> problem to fix :)
> Anyone have any experience with similar problem?

Yes, I've got the same problem and if you look att which processes that
are running on the server then you will probably se that there are two
imap processes, if you kill -TERM the older one it will work again!

The problem is much bigger with Outlook who almost always trigger
several imap-processes.

I'm using imap 4.5-0slink3 and have tried to uppgrade 4.7c-1 but it
didn't help.

> Thank you Kindly,
> D. Ghost
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