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Re: syslog not logging to files

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, R. W. Rodolico wrote:

> Syslog is not logging to files. It simply displays the output on the
> active terminal.

What is it logging to the console?

What is it not logging to files?

What do you want logged?

> Funny thing is, it does record when I start and stop syslogd, and it
> still does its "marks".

I guess you are talking about /var/log/messages. What are you expecting in
your logs?

Can you manually use the logger program to log something to a
different log file?
> Attached is syslog.conf.

With small text files, I believe it is easier to just include it in the
email instead of as an attachment (like Application/OCTET-STREAM).

Anyways, it appears most of your sylogd config is like mine. (I just have
added a local2.* action and uncommented the last few lines.)

  Jeremy C. Reed

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