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Re: dial-in session disconnected while sending large file

It could be something we came up against.  An old DoS attack - but 

The problem could be they have an email spooled, which has 
(plus)(plus)(plus) in it when it's encoded, and their modem could be 
picking this up and going into command mode.


That init string should fix that, if thats what the problem is.

Robert Davidson.

On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 09:17:45PM +0700, Andika Triwidada wrote:
> Hello,
> My machine acted strangely: dial-in users got disconnected while
> sending large-sized emails. Troubleshooting is rather difficult, for I do
> not have physical access to the server nor capability to test dialin 
> connection myself. (The server is in the other side of Pacific).
> A quick info on the system:
> Intel CPU, Potato, kernel-2.2.17 (recompiled to support SMP),
> Cyclades multiport serial card, ppp as module, mgetty.
> Could you tell me how to start troubleshoot?
> Maybe ppp configuration should be modified?
> TIA,
> -- andika
> --  
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