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Re: what'll make a good mysql server

On 2000-10-12 19:09, t s a d i wrote:
>  what hardware can you recommend?  single processor?  dual?  SCSI's?
>  i need all the speed i can get (my mysql db is about 300MB big) ...

If you have a small database then the solution to most performance problems 
is to make RAM larger than the database.  Get 512M of RAM so that after a few 
minutes all the data is in cache and no data has to be read from disk.

If you are doing serious amounts of searching on the database then CPU power 
is good.  Is the mysql server threaded or using multiple processes?  If so 
then multiple CPUs will help.  However if you have a single-CPU machine then 
it's much cheaper and upgrading it regularly is less financially painful, CPU 
speeds double every 18 months, how fast do your performance requirements 

Then there is the issue of disk write speed, as a general rule databases like 
to do lots of synchronous writes involving seeks all over the drive.  RAID-0 
should help significantly with this if the block size is right.  Of course if 
you have RAID-0 then you also need RAID-1 over that which is a minimum of 4 
hard drives.
Also use my ZCAV program (part of the Bonnie++ suite) to find the region of 
your hard drives that gives the best performance and put the database 
partition on that part.  It's at the start of the drive on most drives but on 
some it's at the end.

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