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Exim bounce message

I know I'm not the first one to try this out, but I can't find anything
on the exim site, so I turn to you guys. :)

As many of you know, I work at bnl.gov (Brookhaven National Lab) during
the day. I've implemented a Perimeter Defense network (firewall) utilizing
a Cisco Pix, and application proxies running Debian. Along with this, I have
a smtp gateway that all mail must pass through. We are getting ready to
start blocking email directly to the individual machines, and making
all mail go to 'user@bnl.gov'. However, I'd like Exim, on the smtp gateway,
to be able to send email back to the sender, if the email is sent to
user@machine.bnl.gov, sorta like "I'm sorry, mail to this machine is 
disabled. Please try sending mail to user@bnl.gov bla bla bla". I can;t
figure this out. Anyone else try something like this?


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