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Roaming users with Postfix

	Hi all!

	I have recently put together a debian potato postfix package with
    the SMTP AUTH patch.  The options permit_our_users and
    permit_smtp_authenticated work OK, i.e. users can authenticate with
    their logion and password.  However, postfix keeps denying relaying (?)
    to other domains from non-local (random) IPs.

	So, how could I configure postfix to allow relaying for any
    domain from any IP when the user has AUTHenticated?

	Thanx in advance!

   ===  To light a candle is to cast a shadow  (A Wizard of Earthsea) ===

	     Ivan Vilata i Balaguer	al011097@alumail.uji.es
		  "Cogito, sed sum"	ivilata@csnet.es

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