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Re: Exim on potato

On Sat, Sep 16, 2000 at 08:00:02AM -0500, Gregory Wood wrote:
> When the customer trys to send to an account outside the local ISP's control, it receives an immediate 'look-up' error (i.e. DNS failure). Likewise when an outside account tries to access the customer, they get an 'account not found' type of error. It is as if they could not find the user on the email server.
> Lastly, the tech that set this up on the ISP's side is gone until Tuesday.
> Is there any obvious problem that I can fix by changing exim?

Just to see a little more what is happening, run 'exim -bt user@otherisp.com'
as root, and that may give you a clue. Make suer that you can reach their DNS
servers, or point to another working one in /etc/resolv.conf


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