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Re: VPN recomendations

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 10:58:15PM -0700, Luca Filipozzi wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 14, 2000 at 01:42:26AM -0400, Kim O wrote:
> > was just wondering what the best way is to do VPN between linux servers in
> > different places to establish a small private network over public
> > infrastructure. packages,software or howtos appreciated.

There is also pipsecd, IIRC.. userland, IPSEC compliant.. Not quite as versatile or populer as FreeS/WAN, but just about as good a choice.  Note that if you are using FreeS/WAN on an ipchains-secured firewall, the built-in scripts don't quite handle it... I have some alt. ones.  Email me if you want them.

> CIPE      - packaged, is a kernel patch
> FreeS/WAN - not packaged, is a kernel patch, is IPSEC compliant;
>             google for the site
> vpnd      - userland, IP over PPP over IP (ick, but easy to setup);
>             google for the site

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