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Email Attachments.

    ST> ...  I realize that we will have to encode the
    ST> files before we can attach them, two questions, first how do I
    ST> get sendmail to actually 'attach' the encoded file to the
    ST> message, 

You don't.  In general sendmail does not care about what you feed it.
You deal with the issue before you invoke sendmail.

    ST> and secondly, one is the recommended format to encode
    ST> the binary file in?

Who's going to be receiving this mail and what mail reader will they
be using?  For e-mail I receive, I prefer bzip2 + uuencode piped
into sendmail.  In the general case you probably should use mime.
I used metasend etc. to check this out at some point but I'll defer
to more experienced listers on this.

You might consider, though, just sending people a URL and have them
download the binary through http.  If you are doing volume, you're
better off avoiding virus checker/MS exchange/mail quota etc. issues
on the receiving side.



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