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JetDirect, internal ZipDrive


1. I would like to setup a Debian server for a 50 machines LAN, where
there are 6 jetdirect devices. As I know jetdirect works via SMB over
TCP/IP fine. Altough I couldn't find any documentation on JetDirect
neither in the Samba doc, nor in the Printer HOWTO. Do I need special
kernel support for it? Does ever Linux support JetDirect?

2. I have an internal Iomega Zip100 IDE-drive. On boot-time at the
partition check I get a lost interrupt message, and bootprocess hangs up.
I use kernel v2.4.0-test7. Iomega gives support only for kernel v2.2.14
Unfortunately funny win98 works with the same machine (and Zip100) fine. -
Thatswhy I don't think it's a hardware problem.



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