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Re: Video Server....??


Our school uses fiber optic backbones with Fast Ethernet segments and the Video Support Team had optimized the clips for better streaming without consuming much bandwidth.
Sometimes, students do not need to play the video themselves, they can watch the movie from the projector :).

Anyway, you should first discuss with the teachers on how the video server will be used and estimate the usage. (Will they stream a VCD :P)

Donald Szeto
Open Source Division
Desiter.COM - Technical Department

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I am in Hong Kong too, and am helping a hk secondary school set up
something similar.

I was wondering... what kind of hardware does the Dell server run? Do you
hit the 100M bandwidth limit easily when many people are playing the

Thanks in advance,

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> Hi,
> Here in Hong Kong at my school, we use the Apple Darwin Streaming Server
to provide online live broadcast service of our school events, lectures,
tutorials, etc.
> Apple Darwin Streaming Server is an open source product which is free
for download.
> Of course, you need professional equipments for recording and modifying
video clips.
> We use SONY DV equipments and a high-end workstation for manipulating
video clips and a Dell server for broadcasting.
> PS: Darwin Streaming Server can only stream QuickTime movies.
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> Hello All,
> I am looking for a solution for the school, sort of educational "video
> server". Kids could login to the local sites and watch video lectures.
> Similar thing one can get on the net for the radio or tv stations.
> Is there any ready product or combination of products I could use?
> Best regards
> "Jersey"
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