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fiber - cat5 - wireless

What is the best way to conect two points at about 350 m away?
When I say best I´m talking about $ and performance.


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> Generally you just use fiber on your backbone or high traffic areas and
> the rest of the network.  Fiber is expensive, fragile and requires skilled
> personnel to install correctly.  I remember sitting for almost an hour
> watching this guy carefully strip, clean and polish a section of fiber.
> should do some testing on your network to see if you actually need
> more than 100mbps before you commit.  I dunno, that's just my experience
> with it.
> Can someone comment here on reasons to use fiber for network cable now
> instead of old style standard cat5 cable?
> I see lots of fiber equipment out there but 100mbps is 100mbps right?
> Is fiber economical when you get into over 100mbps situations?
> thanks.

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