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Re: webmail service.

Neomail is the best webmail programme i have come across yet, its what we run here. it isnt a debian package but it has a very clean install and is a very useable programme.


check it out

At 12:39 19/07/00 -0700, Scott Thompson wrote:
Hello all. I am looking for information or links to a webmail program. I am
running Debian 2.0.38 with apache. My linux administrator is quite firm
about 'debian released packages' so if there are any that fit into that
category, that would be best, if not, any suggestions would be greatly
appreciated from any of you that have installed and maintain a service like

My needs are low as well, I have about 350 active domains with about 1200
email accounts. I can't really see more that 25% of the users wanting the
service, but as you all know, in this day and age, it's the service and
features that make or break us!

Many Thanks

Scott Thompson
Programming & Server Admin
Internet Brokers Group
Office: (403) 232-1032
Fax: (403) 265-2843

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