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Re: only POP3

> What's the way, if I would like to provide only e-mail service to the
> It works with giving a fake shell in the passwd file, but how would you do
> it? Should I create definitely a shell account?
There was a short discussion here about virtual services ...
 you can keep your pop3 password in anything supported by 
pam modules (like ldap, db, sql database, radius or anything )
there is also Mr Reed's patched gnu-pop3d which enables you 
to have completely separate passwd file for your pop3 users.
 I prefer pam solutions since it cleaner.
just select your pop3 server with pam support (eg: solid-pop3d,
ipopd, gnu-pop3d, cucipop for non-commercial use) and edit
it's pam config : /etc/pam.d/spop3d, gnu-pop3d, pop, etc..


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