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Re: ATA 66 and security

Yes debian does, well actualy thats not strictly true.

support for ata 66 is a kernel module therefore all linux distro's do support it however you need to download the ide patch for the kernel and the patch it recompile, install and reboot.

the only problem i have had with ata66 is booting from it, it will set the drives up as hdX# depending on what device it is.

umm the url to get it from is http://www.linux-ide.org

to patch the kernel you need to get patch (apt-get install patch) and you can figure it out from there

At 19:01 12/07/00 +0200, Áts Attila wrote:

does Debian or any Linux support ATA-66 disks? If yes,
do I need anything not included the distribution?

Other very important question, where can I get a
documentation on how to make my Debian web server
absolutely secure but have the opportunity to manage it
through a web connection? I need a step-by-step guide
or something similar.


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