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Re: Virtual Domain Solution

On Fri, 7 Jul 2000 cfm@maine.com wrote:

> Our system is build around mysql and an ncurses interface.  It's really
> just selecting account records and passing arguments to perl scripts.  
> The front office can register domains, add users, change passwords, 
> install mailmaps and so forth.  Trust me, they are not technical.  :^)
We definetaly need somethin general like this for Linux/Unix -
web/ftp/mail system based on some SQL database, with good interface - from
this point, any other interface could be written....the problem is,
everybody designs it for himself and never releases it, just because it
wouldn't be of any use to anyone else....

> I can share with you our huge mistake: we started with account=unix userid.
> Don't do that!  Now we have master accounts that have secondary accounts;
I think everybody with more than 1000 users has seen this.......

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