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Re: RaiD experience

On Fri, 07 Jul 2000, ridgey wrote:
>Has anyone had experience Adaptec RAID hardware? we are looking for a
>solution to reduce downtime if a Radius machine was to crash, is RAID the
>best way to go ?? or is  it just as easy in the end to make a secondary
>radius server??

It is about 1000 times easier to have a secondary RADIUS server.  Adding a
second RADIUS server is just a matter of copying the hard drive of the first
server with "dd", and then changing the IP address, host name, etc.

Also RAID will only save you from hard drive problems.  It will not save you
from hard drive controller failure, motherboard problems, or any problems
with the network card or cable.

A redundant server will solve (or at least alleviate) all these issues.

RAID is also a PITA to setup.

Russell Coker

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