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Re: Recommendations for Squid proxy hardware

>What would you recommend for Squid proxy hardware, for a machine thats
>running transparent and has approximately up to 80 dialups pumping requests
>through it?

A guy from the Squid development team recommeded a cache size of about the
amount of data that is transfered every 3 days.  Assuming that all your 80
lines are doing 3KB/s and they are on average busy for half the day it makes
about 3G of storage.

>Current machine has a drive setup of:
>Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
>/dev/sda1             288M  220M   54M  80% /
>/dev/sda3             7.8G  5.4G  2.0G  73% /var/spool/squid1
>/dev/sdb              8.2G  2.1G  5.6G  28% /var/spool/squid2
>/dev/hdc              9.2G  6.1G  2.7G  69% /var/spool/squid3
>/dev/hda1             9.2G  6.1G  2.7G  69% /var/spool/squid4
>hdc and hda1 being UATA, rest being Ultra Wide, have installed 256 MB Ram,
>after around 24 hours all RAM and all swap is taken up and needs restarting.

If you are running out of RAM then putting in more RAM is an obvious first
But adjusting your Squid settings may be a better idea.

Also consider that 80*3KB/s = 240KB/s for Squid storage.  You shouldn't
really need 3 fast hard drives to deliver this small amount of IO.

BTW  You should also use ReiserFS if you haven't already done so.  ReiserFS
is much faster for systems with lots of small files, and it gives a fast
reboot after a power failure.

Russell Coker

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