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Re: apache question

Sounds like the 2nd NIC isn't fully turned on.  Is everything the way it
should be in ifconfig?  Have you tried binding any other daemons to the 2nd
NIC?  I also think you'll need ip based vhosts in Apache to make it listen
to a 2nd NIC.

The second NIC should be on a different subnet, otherwise hacks are
required.  Can you ping the 2nd NIC (locally and remotely), contact anything
on the other side, etc.  Your box has to know how to correctly route traffic
back across the 2nd NIC.

At 04:27 PM 7/6/00 GMT, sibuyas@i-mailbox.net wrote:
>now i added a 2nd NIC to my server and when i point my browser to that 2nd IP
>add, i get an error.

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