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Re: references

On Thu, Jul 06, 2000 at 04:08:44PM -0400, Allen Ahoffman wrote:
> Hi:
> can someone point me at correct refrences for a client to 
> use internal ips and dynamic dns with portfowarding to alolw him to ssh
> into his boxes inside the home shared server doing msq?
> e.g.
> he can use all the internal ip(s) he wants and with the use of dynamic dns
> updates access each internal machine using either port numbers or is there
> a better way?

Not that i'm aware of. I port forward a range of ports from my firewall to
port 22 on my various boxes. So if I want to access my web server, I do:
  ssh -l <user> -p 400 <web server>
and if I want to access my workstation, I do:
  ssh -l <user> -p 401 <workstation>

On my firewall, I port forward:
  <firewall:400> -> <web server:22>
  <firewall:401> -> <workstation:22>

The disadvantage is clear: I need to remember the port numbers for each of
the machines.

Hope this helps, 
Luca Filipozzi
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