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commercial offerings anyone

Does anyone have Debian based commercial ofrerings of this kind:

1.  Terminal server for connecting one box to many serial devices such as
	routers, switches, other terminal servers for serial connectivity
when network is down.

	Cheap dial in box for single line use.

Also, this is sort of off debian but if you have this 

programs to take ip-accounting data from a router using IOS 12 or 12.1
and create billable use data.
Not rate data but use data.

We currently set up a system that
collects stats every 5 minutes
converts them to common log format for input to analog or webalizer, and
then we run the log analysis on them
This provides nice use reports for clients, but we get threshold exceeded
message on the router and I am working on making that go away.
I think we just need to raise the buffer allocation for this.
Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Also anyone doing serious network troubleshooting and looking for some
work send me an email atahoffman@announce.com I'll be happy to talk with
you we need some things done.

And, any luck anyone getting Debian 2.2 or even 2.1 loaded on the
following ahrdware:

13GB drive
128MB sdram

If so, how didyou doit?

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