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RE: List managers

Title: RE: List managers
You got me. I found the orginal message and here it is:
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Debian Security Advisory                             security@debian.org
http://www.debian.org/security/                         Wichert Akkerman
June  3, 2000
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Package        : majordomo
Problem type   : local exploit
Debian-specific: no
The majordomo package as shipped in the non-free section accompanying
Debian GNU/Linux 2.1/slink allows any local user to trick majordomo into
executing arbitrary code or to create or write files as the majordomo user
anywhere on the filesystem.
This is a documented issue and the advised work around it to either have
no untrusted users on a system running majordomo or to use a setuid
wrapper that the MTA delivery agent can run.
suboptimal solution.
We feel that those options are not a good solution, but unfortunately the
majordomo license does not allow us to fix these problems and distribute a
fixed version. As a result we have decided to remove majordomo from our
If you are using majordomo we recommend that you replace it with one
of the many other mailing-list tools available such as fml, mailman
or smartlist.
- --
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On 7/5/00 at 6:24 PM Javier Castillo Alcibar wrote:

humm, why is it on non-free then?.

-----Mensaje original-----
De: Gregory Wood [mailto:gwood@farsweb.com]
Enviado el: miércoles 5 de julio de 2000 16:13
Para: Javier Castillo; Debian-Isp
Asunto: Re: List managers

I believe majordomo was taken out due to a security hole. -- It isn't open source.

Gregory Wood

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On 7/5/00 at 10:47 AM Javier Castillo wrote:

>Hi there,
>       I see that majordomo is non-free :(( ,
>       which list manager do you recommend me?, easy to admin, fast, and of
>course, gnu :))
>       Saludos.
>Javier Castillo Alcíbar.       castillo@alhsys.es
>Alhambra Systems, S.A. http://www.alhsys.es
>Telf: 34 - 1 - 91 304 18 00
>Fax: 34 - 1 - 91 327 31 31
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