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named help please

I am continually getting the following message,

named[479]: XSTATS 961857757 961854157 RR=561 RNXD=68
RFwdR=397 RDupR=12
RFail=23 RFErr=0 RErr=0 RAXFR=0 RLame=7 ROpts=0 SSysQ=108
SFwdQ=409 SDupQ=82 SErr=0 RQ=3501 RIQ=0 RFwdQ=0 RDupQ=30
RTCP=24 SFwdR=397
SFail=0 SFErr=0 SNaAns=837 SNXD=194

Is this something to worry about, if so can someone please
tell me how to remedy?

Thanks in advance


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