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Re: tcp connection

On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Chris Wagner wrote:
>At 12:50 AM 6/19/00 +0200, Russell Coker wrote:
>>It is called TCP - Transmission Control Protocol.  RFC793.
>I'm starting to conclude that it's just called a "tcp connection".  But I'm
>still reading through the RFC...  It was written in 1983 and for whatever
>reason it seems to use the term socket and port interchangeably.  Seems like
>they had different meanings than they do now.

The older RFCs were written in very poor English.

>I guess it's just coincidence that the common high level protocols all use
>the same NVT settings.  Otherwise, telneting to a web server would fail.
>Maybe its the NVT settings that are the highest common thread here, does
>that standard have a name I wonder.

They don't use NVT.  The TELNET protocol is not running on (for example) a
web server.

>>If you have doc-rfc package installed:
>Don't got that, but I found faqs.org.

Get it.  doc-rfc is an essential package to have on your laptop if you are
seriously into these things.

>>Anyone who calls the protocol "Transport Control Protocol" is stupid and
>>should be ignored.  Instruct such people to read the documents and learn.
>I've never heard anybody call it that.

MS do in all their documentation.  MS weenies say that everyone else should
change what they call the protocol to match what MS calls it.

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